About the Artist


Photo by Mark Bloom Photography

Lisa is a professional Mixed Media Artist and Instructor. Her work has been shown in both solo and group exhibits throughout Los Angeles and New Mexico. Lisa’s work has been published in Incite, Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media and Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling (North Light Books). She has a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and a Masters in Psychology. Prior to her art career she worked as a Therapist, Creativity Coach and Graphic Designer. Lisa also taught one of the core certification courses at the Creativity Coaching Association where she also trained under renown Creativity Coach, Eric Maisel. Lisa continues to produce original mixed media artwork that blends her own photography, various techniques and found objects. She strives to create work that invites the viewer to experience the depth, meaning and process of each piece. Lisa also teaches a variety of Mixed Media workshops and leads an annual Mixed Media Retreat “Awaken Your True Creativity” in Cambria, California.

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Artist Statement


My body of work unfolded during a time when old definitions, used to define myself, began to deconstruct. Forced to surrender to uncertainty and the unknown, I immersed myself in the creative process. It became the steady ground anchoring me, eventually leading back to my true self. Like for many artists, it became an avenue to evolve and integrate oneself towards wholeness. Through the emerging of intuitive story, my art is a vehicle in which I discover meaning and deeper understanding of myself and the world.

Similar to an approach I once used in art therapy, my process is spontaneous and often intuitive. I allow each piece to dictate the direction it wants to go. Forms, themes and textures organically emerge, guiding the next step in the process and so on. I find this mindful path an opportunity to surrender to the moment, without a predetermined plan. Through a blend of different acrylic mediums, my original photography, collage and found objects, I channel and transform the subconscious into art.

Similar to the Wabi Sabi philosophy that beauty is found imperfect, I am often fascinated by the sense WrkngBigPiece2Smlof aging revealed in textures found in natural stones and weathered surfaces. I strive to recreate this unrefined, quality in my pieces. Many of my piece resemble what Andrew Juniper stated in his book Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence, “If an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi.”

One of the most marked characteristics in my work is the mysterious, ethereal dream like feel of the imagery. When we dream, our subconscious creates scripts as an avenue to uncover meaning, clarity and resolution to our awaken life. In the same way, I strive to produce work that invites the viewer to cultivate his or her own individual experience by projecting their own interpretations onto the piece.







Original Lotus Flower Series

The Indian Lotus is known for its resilience and ability to live over thousands of years. In 1995 a Lotus plant was successfully grown from a 1,300 year old seed uncovered from a dry lake in China. Planted under water, the Lotus can muscle its way through several feet of water in order to reveal its majestic beauty at the surface. In various cultures the lotus flower has different meanings representing clarity of heart & mind, transformation and rebirth.

To me, it represents that part in all of us that yearns and strives to express our unique gifts and authentic self. The path of the Lotus mirrors our own journey and hope. When we persevere through the murky waters of adversity, it is then when our true self and creativity can emerge and unfold.

The Indian Lotus (depicted in my work) blooms in the summer where I have the pleasure of photographing in all its splendor.