Lotus Series

The Indian Lotus is known for its resilience and ability to live over thousands of years. In 1995 a Lotus plant was successfully grown from a 1,300 year old seed uncovered from a dry lake in China. Planted under water, the Lotus can muscle its way through several feet of water in order to reveal its majestic beauty at the surface. In various cultures the lotus flower has different meanings representing clarity of heart & mind, transformation and rebirth.

To me, it represents that part in all of us that yearns and strives to express our unique gifts and authentic self. The path of the Lotus mirrors our own journey and hope. When we persevere through the murky waters of adversity, it is then when our true self and creativity can emerge and unfold. The Indian Lotus (depicted in my work) blooms in the summer where I have the pleasure of photographing in all its splendor.